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We're so happy you're here! Legacy Minded Women is a place for you to explore, reason, question, and grow in your relationship with Jesus. We hope you will!

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Legacy Minded Women is a division of Legacy Minded Men developed by women for women. Here, we hope women will find resources to help them grow in partnership with the men in their lives, to discover their purposeful identity and to above all else know the God who made them, knows them, loves, and wants them.

Our team is small, operating with the support of Legacy Minded Men, but we hope to grow. We are looking for writers to write for us, resource curators, mentors, and more on a volunteer basis to start. If you have a skill or gift you think can help grow Legacy Minded Women, and if you have the heart to see women grow in knowledge, strength, and maturity in Christ, then please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

Who We Are

Legacy Minded Women has a growing catalog of in-house articles written on relevant topics that span from Biblical instruction, mental health, relationships, self-awareness, cultural topics to be aware of, and more. While a variety of authors are represented, each one shares the values of LMW and are edited by our in-house Editor. 

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Gather with women, young and old, virtually or in-person, from all walks and stages of life who share in the same goal as you: to search, question, reason and know Jesus and yourself better. With our curriculum, The Five and a Half Questions Everyone Must Answer, we offer you the tools you need to help you get started. 

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We know how difficult it can be to find good resources. We've struggled, too, and have scoured the internet in search only to find rushed content with glittering generalities that fail to go as deep as we need. 

At Legacy Minded Women, we're doing our homework to research, take inventory of, and present you with links to all sorts of resources. Each Resource entry will tell you what it is, why we've included it, and if there's anything you need to know before diving in. Our database is growing, and we'd love your help! Use the Google Form to submit potential resources for curation. 

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Fill out our Volunteer Form to get started! 

We are looking for leaders with a passion for changing the lives of women! 


Fill out our Application Form if you're interested in a more permanent role. 

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