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Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Workbook and Worksheets

"Dialectical" concerns itself with the logical discussion of ideas and opinions, reasonable argumentation. Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT for short, is a type of therapy intended to help people cope with stress, the regulation of emotions and irrational thought processes. It is extremely practical and useful not just in those cases for which it was originally intended (diagnosed personality, mood and neurological disorders) but for everyday struggles with over-thinking, obsessive thinking, and emotional regulation.

Why We've Included This Resource

We are not only spiritual beings; we are emotional and physical beings as well. God created our minds, and we’re to tend to the needs of our minds just as we’re to tend to the needs of our bodies and spirits to the extent we are able per His guidance. Therapy, even in conjunction with Biblical counsel, is still an often tabooed idea for many Christians because we want to be successful in relying solely on God. We don’t want help and we often feel it would be a weakness and a failure of our spiritual selves to need help beyond praying more or reading more scripture. Both the reading of scripture, and time spent in prayer are, of course, essential for the growth and healing of the Christian, but we also sometimes just need to take the time to understand the minds he gave us, understand how they work and develop tools to deal with our realities. The tools found in DBT can help to do that.

What You Need to Know Before You Read

These worksheets and workbooks may be used on your own for mild, everyday struggles and personal growth/development. They should not replace the presence of a licensed counselor or therapist familiar with the DBT method. If you are experiencing high levels of emotional distress, obsessive-thinking, suicidal thoughts or have any other struggles with your mental health, please seek help.

Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

SAMSAH's National Helpline: 1-800-662-4357


Worksheet Downloads:

Get the Workbook HERE.


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