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What Did She Just Say: 20 Body Language Cues That Come Across As Red Flags is an online publication covering product launches, fashion savvy content, health and fitness advice and tips and trends. Its readership is 72 million readers worldwide. This particular article, "What Did She Just Say: 20 Body Language Cues That Come Across As Red Flags" gives a practical perspective on how our actions can speak louder than words, and how men are listening.

Why We've Included This Resource

It's something we often dismiss, our body language. We're told to culture or catch our words, but less often told to mind our body language. But the body speaks, and we should all take the time to understand what our body language says to those around us. This article take the vantage point of a man trying to determine whether or not a woman is interested. It's practical. It's to the point. And it puts a humorous spin on the fallibility of our natures. It's a great read for women who struggle with communication, or don't understand why they're getting the reaction they do.

What You Should Know Before You Read is not in any way affiliated with or laboring for the cause of Christ. But at LMW, we take the truth wherever it may be found, be that between the lips of a Satanist or a silly online publication.


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