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Bible Project

As their website says, the Bible Project is a ministry "Helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus". It is largely made up of animated videos that illustrate books of the Bible and major concepts emerging from scripture. The videos are all narrated in layman's terms to give a comprehensive overview of scripture.

Why We've Included This Resource

Entering into scripture can be daunting, and we are constantly in danger of taking scripture out of context for our own purposes. Bible Project helps to show to interconnectivity of scripture. We love to watch Bible Project overview videos, like the one above, before we begin reading a book of the Bible. Scripture is so dense, but the Bible Project helps us to know what to look for. The narrators do not project their own ideas; they allow scripture to inform scripture.

What You Should Know Before You Watch

Though the Bible Project does include some study material, their videos are not made for discussion based study. They are informative and cannot replace a personal reading of scripture itself.

You can find more videos, as well as Podcasts and study guides on the Bible Project website.


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