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With over 17,000 reviews on Amazon, Boundaries has proven itself to be an influential book and tool for those who struggle to draw lines, say no, and as the cover quotes, "to take control of your life".

Why We've Included This Resource

Setting boundaries is an area where many women struggle to assert their voice, erring on the side of mercy or compassion, but oftentimes to their own detriment. Even the idea of setting boundaries can feel selfish for some of us, but this book helps to bring a Biblical context, and to reveal a God who isn't interested in His having His children steamrolled, but wants to teach them to stand strong, know their worth, and prioritize healthy balances.

What You Should Know Before You Read

Though it does not present itself as such, Boundaries is a Biblically based books and draws heavily from scripture as well the a story-telling method. It is not extremely technical in its language, nor does it include many science-based psychological studies, but readers will find it helpful in practical application and as a means to shed light on where boundaries need to be set in our own lives.


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