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Fearless Leadership: Frances Hesselbein at TEDxMidAtlantic

Frances Hesselbein shares her life-defining moment, a moment that made her into the great leader she is today and was with her the day she received her much lauded Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Why We've Included This Resource

Hesselbein represents the strength of women being women. She does not try to be like a man; she recognizes her unique gifts and has never set herself as competition against others. Her stage presence even in her nineties is captivating, and an example to all women, in a culture where worth is measured by physical beauty and youth, that age is no excuse to slow down, no reason to be silenced. She loves and supports women to become the leaders they can be and reminds us that our unique stories and experiences are the fodder for growth and success if we allow them to be.


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