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From The New York Times: "Stop Saying 'I Feel Like'"

Javier Jaén

Published in The New York Times in 2016, Molly Worthen, and assistant professor of History at the University of North Carolina, addresses the widespread problem with gut-centered argumentation in her Op-Ed "Stop Saying 'I Feel Like'".

Why We've Included This Resource

We're as guilty of and as prone to defending our belief system, our passionate position, and our ideas with "I feel like" as anyone else, but as Worthen writes in her article, we are called to be women who "argue rationally, feel deeply, and take full responsibility for our interaction with the world". Especially as Christians, we want to stay above reproach so much as we are able and reflect a God who is both deeply loving and feeling, as well as deeply rational and logical. And we should be women who speak confidently and seek to communicate effectively with the stuff to back up what we say. This is not about winning arguments, but about engaging in and navigating through healthy civil discourse.

What You Should Know Before You Read

The inclusion of this article does not mean that Legacy Minded Women is in support of or aligns with all the ideologies purported in The New York Times, but we firmly believe in including any resource that we see being used for the good of God's truth regardless of where it comes from. As always, we ask you to read with discernment.

You can find the article here. The New York Times offers website visitors a limited number of free articles. If you surpass their limit, you will be asked to subscribe.


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