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Teach Yourself the Bible Series

The Teach Yourself the Bible Series by Keith L. Brooks will take you deeper into scripture than the traditional book study will, chock full of cross-references for contextual evidence and deeper understanding. With over two dozen books represented from the New Testament, these studies are a great option for anyone looking to get more acquainted with scripture.

Why We've Included This Resource

We love that these studies are not "feelings" based, and that the author seldom proffers his opinions and ideas. Many women's and contemporary studies focus on the effects of scripture in our live, and we firmly believe that those types of reflections are extremely valid and important, but Teach Yourself the Bible gives us the opportunity to simply study the Word for what it is and force us to dive into scripture for ourselves.

What You Should Know Before You Read

These studies will take time. The author provides scriptural references and many fill-in-the-blank lines that require us to look them up and write them out. These studies were also written in the 50s and 60s, so readers should be aware of outdated language and, though seldom occurring, some culturally specific ways points of view. We suggest the use of this resource as a means to better acquaint ourselves with scripture and to develop the habit of studying scripture and cross-referencing in a world of bite-sized, flash-fried devotions.

You can purchase books in the Teach Yourself the Bible Series on Moody Publishers and Amazon.


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